Heather Lee Lindaman's musical journey is a testament of faith, family, and the power of music to connect. Rooted in a lineage of singers and performers, Heather's love of music was ignited by her grandmother's songs, her mother's melodies, and a great aunt who was a singer and recording artist in the 1940s.  She grew up singing with her mother and sisters in church and her mom eventually became the church choir director, a role that Heather would eventually step into years later at The Madeleine Parish.  Reflecting on her upbringing, Heather reminisces, "My mother sang to me endlessly before I was born. I have her voice. Joanne, her mother, was a performer in many musicals and acclaimed in written reviews for The Oregonian.  Music has always been such a huge part of my family… There were times when I was a girl that my grandma, Lucinda, would never answer a question, she would just sing to me all day… she instinctively knew that I’d also be singing and performing someday.”

Her grandmother's instinct would prove to be correct, as Heather now actively performs at live music venues in Portland and surrounding areas, including at Arrivederci Wine & Jazz, Wilfs Restaurant & Jazz Bar, Bridgeport Village Summer Concert Series, Skamania Lodge and Anelare Winery.  Heather’s soulful voice has become a beloved staple in the local music scene, but a piece of her heart always remained in the hymns of her musical upbringing. This passion led to Heather embarking on the ambitious journey of recording her own album. The result is "breathe," a collection of contemporary worship songs and timeless hymns that embody holding to faith through the highs and lows of life.

Heather’s musical journey took a new direction when she crossed paths with guitarist and producer, Tim Ellis.  He encouraged her to explore music beyond the church and to step out and record her voice for the first time. Recalling Tim's influence on her debut album, Heather shares, “Tim was instrumental in starting this CD project but unfortunately was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer at the age of 59, and we lost him way too soon.  The project was put on hold without him.  But gratefully, Rick Modlin eventually stepped in to take the lead." Despite the untimely loss of Tim, his influence continued to shape Heather's musical endeavors as she worked to complete the project with his joy and enthusiasm.  Heather reflects, “I remember his excitement the day he proposed doing the reggae version of  ‘Make Your Home in Me.’  His genius guitar playing can be heard on almost every single track!  I treasure all the memories of ‘Tuesdays with Tim’ working together on this album.”

With gratitude for everyone who has guided her along the way, Heather continues to honor her family's musical legacy while forging her own path as a singer and worship leader dedicated to touching hearts and souls through her music, and ultimately pointing them to Christ. Encouraged by friends and mentors like Tim and Rick, Heather reflects on her journey, stating, “I've had so many people, or maybe I should refer to them as angels, along the way that encouraged me to attempt this type of project... even though there were many obstacles to completion." This became a 12 year journey and at some points, Heather wasn’t sure if it would ever be complete, or if she should simply give up. But now, “breathe” is out into the world, and the process of creating this project added even more depth to the hymns of faith and resilience through trials.

From the soaring melodies of contemporary favorites to the comforting familiarity of cherished hymns, Heather's heartfelt renditions infuse these beloved songs with a fresh sincerity, inviting listeners to join her in moments of worship and praise. "breathe" is an invitation to find peace in the waiting and learn to simply… breathe.